Christmas gift ideas with Neveo

The Neveo boxed set is the ideal gift to cherish and keep in touch with your parents or grandparents ! What's more, it's an original gift idea that's sure to make an impact.

What is Neveo ?

It all began in 2013 when co-founder Vincent Leroy spent a year in Asia. He left his family behind, in particular his grandfather, whom he visited regularly. Vincent's family decided to give their grandfather a tablet so that he could see his grandson's images. Unfortunately, it was too complicated for him to use and failed. That's when Vincent came up with the idea of creating a service to help families share their daily lives without using techniques that are too complicated for some grandparents to use.

After several months, and with the help of Simon and Jérôme, the monthly Neveo newspaper was born. Convinced that paper was the most suitable medium for grandparents to receive news from their families. In December 2016, the first newspapers were printed: 100, 500, 1000, etc. This is how the Belgian company meets a real need for families.

In 2019 and 2020, the team is expanding to include Romane, Quentin, Charlotte and Josef. Today, the Neveo application is used by over 100,000 people worldwide ! Newspapers are delivered to over 110 countries: 1 million photos are sent to over 20,000 grandparents. A real success story, made in Belgium !

The Neveo box includes a 6-month subscription for 6 monthly diaries, the storage box - decorated with a beautiful white heart - as well as a user manual and your activation key to create your diaries (delivery included). Everything is sent automatically by Neveo, and you can easily illustrate your diary from their application, which is particularly intuitive and easy to use. I've been able to try it out several times, for my mother-in-law and my parents, and I've found it really simple and with very few bugs ! Neveo is a great success both in Belgium and in other French-speaking countries such as France.

For me, Neveo is very important for staying in touch with those close to me. In my case, it was for my dad, who has a lot of trouble with technology. During my confinement, the Neveo diary enabled me to keep in touch with my parents and show them my various outings during the year. Even though I'm only 80 km from them, it's not necessarily practical to see them regularly (especially when there's a mileage limit) and the diary allows me to retrace in pictures the outings we've made together, or not ! Especially as I regularly go on roadtrips, and it's really nice to open the diary and remember all those moments...

I'm offering you a €10 discount code to help you get started with Neveo : LUCIE10 !

I'd like to thank Julia and the Neveo team, who continue to have faith in me and have allowed me to join the team of ambassadors !

Where can you find Neveo ?

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Christmas gift ideas with Neveo
Capra Pyrenaica 3 January 2024
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