Création Catalane : preserving ancestral know-how

I was invited by Création Catalane to take a behind-the-scenes look at their workshop and find out how their handmade espadrilles, emblematic of the Pyrénées-Orientales region, are made. I was able to leave with some great gifts that I was able to try out - I'll tell you all about them here !

An ancestral Catalan heritage craft​

Création Catalane is the last remaining artisanal company in the Pyrénées-Orientales, specialising in the manufacture of espadrilles and vigatanes (traditional Catalan espadrilles). It was set up in February 2008 following the closure of the last sandal-maker in the department, and is certified as an "Artisan d'Art", making it the sole custodian of an ancestral and inescapable part of Catalan culture.​

Création Catalane is the last company in the world to use the specific "backstitch" stitching technique. Their espadrilles are lined with cotton canvas to avoid contact with the rope, which adds comfort and prevents overheating. All parts of the shoe are sewn together. These espadrilles are so solid that they have been used in the Canigó race, the Paris marathon and the Dubai marathon !​

Based in Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans, the company makes shoes for children and adults. There's a wide range of styles, so everyone can find their favourite pair. Création Catalane also offers espadrilles for weddings, decorated, for example, with magnificent lace and the indispensable Catalan garnet. All styles are possible, so don't hesitate to submit the design of your dream espadrille, vigantane or espantoufle !

The company is based in Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans for a reason. It has long been regarded as the capital of espadrille: in the 19th century, 10 % of French espadrille production was made here. In the 1940s, 4,000 inhabitants produced 10,000 pairs a day ! With its 20 companies, Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans provided work for the whole valley...​

During the summer, Création Catalane welcomes the public by prior arrangement to meet the craftsman, so make the most of it ! Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans is just 1 hour's drive from Perpignan, in a magnificent valley in the Haut-Vallespir region. It's the perfect place to discover the company's ancestral know-how, take home some magnificent Catalan shoes and get a breath of fresh air in the heart of nature...​

Follow Création Catalane on the web !​

Leur page Facebook : Création Catalane 

Their Instagram account : @creation.catalane

Création Catalane : preserving ancestral know-how
Capra Pyrenaica 2 January 2024
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