Les M'Ondes de Miss Cramée : macramé made in Perpignan

She makes macramé in Perpignan, in the Pyrénées-Orientales (south of France). I really fell in love with her work, and was very touched when she offered me a partnership. I couldn't wait to tell you more about her work on the blog, because it's as beautiful as it is high quality !

Who's behind "Les M'Ondes de Miss Cramée" ?​

Behind "Les M'Ondes de Miss Cramée" is Christelle : she discovered macramé as a child at a holiday camp. Then she got back into it, first with Brazilian bracelets 25/30 years ago, then again a dozen years ago. She went on to develop her knowledge of jewellery and ended up combining her second passion with macramé : cut stones.​ 

Self-taught, she started offering her jewellery 12 years ago, then began selling it 10 years ago. Unfortunately, following serious health problems, Christelle was forced to close her business for 3 years. Since November 2021, she has been selling her creations again : home and wedding decorations, bags, plant holders, various items of jewellery, etc.​

She uses waxed polyester yarn from Linhasita : currently the best brand on the market ! It comes from Brazil and is hypoallergenic, colourfast and lasts for years. It's very easy to care for : just spray it with water and leave it to dry in the sun! Christelle carefully selects her stones from a French supplier based in Jaipur, India. Together they select the stones to ensure they are of the highest quality and free from any chemical treatment.​

As well as selling its creations, Les M'Ondes de Miss Cramée offers macramé workshops (decorations or jewellery) for a maximum of 6 people, aged 7 and over. The workshops take place at your home, and all materials are provided! Workshops start at €15 and generally go up to a maximum of €60 (note that stones are extra, as they are not all the same price !). Year-round macramé courses are also available, just contact Christelle !​

My feedback on the jewellery​

Is there anything that needs to be said about the visual quality of her jewellery ? The photos speak for themselves : it's absolutely incredible (and beautiful !). They go with everything, and are very hard-wearing : I wore the bracelet every day, even when hiking, and nothing moved ! As for the necklace, as everything is so harmonious, the size of the stone doesn't bother me at all. On the contrary, it even goes perfectly with my mala ! As for the earrings, it's true that they're a bit heavy, but they're really, really pretty and can be worn for a whole afternoon without a care in the world.​

To give you an idea of the prices, bearing in mind that they will vary depending on the stones and that there's a lot of work put into each piece of jewellery, here they are : the Apatite necklace (€70), the pair of Apatite earrings (€32) and the Amazonite bracelet (€38). Honestly, for jewellery made from natural stones of such high quality, it's well worth the price! What's more, with the quality wire Christelle uses, you can be sure that your jewellery will last for many years without a care in the world. I can wholeheartedly recommend her work : I really can !​

Where can you follow Les M'Ondes de Miss Cramée ?​

His Facebook page :​ www.facebook.com/lesmondesdemisscramee

His Instagram account : www.instagram.com/les_mondes_de_miss_cramee

Les M'Ondes de Miss Cramée : macramé made in Perpignan
Capra Pyrenaica 2 January 2024
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