Pia Esthétique : the institute where Clara takes care of you !

I had the honour of working with Clara. She's opened her institute in Pia where she'll take care of your hands, your eyelashes and your fur ! I hope I've inspired you to go and get pampered... enjoy !

A far cry from assembly-line institutes​

What I criticise most about many beauty salons is that they work in a very "industrial", assembly-line fashion. As many clients as possible in a day, even if it means reducing the treatment time for each one. That's absolutely not the case here ! Clara already works alone, offering waxing, manicures and pedicures, as well as eyelash enhancements and eyebrow tinting. It's a wide range that's sure to please and pamper you at the same time...​

I've only had the chance to try out her talents as a nail technician (firstly because I'm clearly too dodgy for waxing, let it be said, but also because I haven't taken the plunge into eyelash enhancement because of my stress eczema) but I'm delighted ! Thanks to her, I've gone from American gel-X capsules to sheathing my natural nails (with quite a bit of length). I've been able to see how much progress she's made and I'd urge you to go to her for the beauty of your hands (and/or feet). In short, I've fallen in love with her !​

Let's talk nails !​

I've had a lot of questions about my manicures, so I'm taking this opportunity to answer them ! Don't hesitate to ask Clara any questions you may have about your next manicure...​

1) Why did you choose American Gel-x?

Above all, it's for convenience. American Gel-X is actually a plastic capsule glued onto natural nails with gel. So we have the solidity of gel, with the "perfect" look of capsules. Not to mention that it's much quicker to do than any other technique !​

2) Gel coating or semi-permanent coating for long nails ?

I had the opportunity to test both with Clara and to be honest, the semi-permanent sheathing isn't "hard" enough. The gel sheathing is perfect ! However, don't expect the result to be as perfect as with capsules : the gel moulds to the natural shape of your nail.​

3) Aren't your natural nails too damaged ?

No ! The proof is that they grow very quickly and that I was easily able to start on sheathing natural nails. When you go to a professional who knows what she's doing and uses good products, your natural nails don't suffer. They're inevitably a little softer but their appearance shouldn't change in any way.​

4) Don't you mind long nails ?

That's the big question... no, they don't bother me at all (you can imagine that if they did, I wouldn't keep them). It's simply a question of habit, especially as I've been gradually increasing the length. However, I've reduced the length since I switched to sheathing on natural nails to achieve a more discreet result.​

How do I make an appointment ?​

To get in touch, contact Clara on her Instagram account : www.instagram.com/pia_esthetique !

Pia Esthétique : the institute where Clara takes care of you !
Capra Pyrenaica 2 January 2024
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