Clémence et Vivien : organic, vegan cosmetics made in France

I had the honour of working with the natural cosmetics brand Clémence et Vivien, who sent me 3 of their products so that I could test them and give you feedback on the blog. It took me several weeks to test each of them so that I could give you the most detailed and sincere opinion possible. It's obviously a big hit !

Quality cosmetics at affordable prices

Clémence et Vivien is a brand of natural, organic and vegan cosmetics, made in France, with eco-designed packaging for all the family. Their compositions are clean and natural. They offer cosmetics that are ethical and artisanal, making the PERFECT skincare routine for the planet and your health ! Enough to delight any member of the family, with really clean products (unlike the industrial ones which are a real green-washing).

So they sent me 3 different products to test. I was able to try them under different conditions (roadtrip, at the weekend, at home) and on different areas (face, hair, body) for different reasons (make-up removal, dry skin, dry hair, eczema...). So I'm going to give you a more-than-full review of this little bathroom routine !

My feedback on the products tested

​1) Cleansing oil

When I made the switch to zero waste, I immediately bought a solid make-up remover because of all the negative reviews I'd read about cleansing oils. So it was the perfect time to make up my own mind ! You see, it's quite simply... EXCEPTIONAL ! No lie : it smells exquisite, removes make-up very quickly and above all (which is the real drawback of most make-up removal oils), it doesn't leave an oily film on the skin. Even my make-up remover wipe is much easier to clean.

To use it, nothing could be simpler : put some oil on your fingers, rub the make-up areas with your oiled fingers gently, rinse with a previously dampened make-up remover wipe and... that's it ! Your make-up is gently removed (and it's far more effective at removing mascara and eyeliner than any other make-up remover I've ever had !)

​2) Thirst-quenching serum

Made with hyaluronic acid, Damask Rose floral water and plant glycerine, this serum is my favourite product of the trio I received ! Let yourself be intoxicated by its delicate rose scent and your skin will no longer feel tight and, above all, soft! I recommend that you apply it to a clean face, after removing your make-up, to allow it to penetrate throughout the night.

To apply, simply spread some on your cheeks and forehead and massage your entire face with it, gently and in a circular motion. You can finish off with a massage using a quartz to help it penetrate (and also because it's super pleasant).

3) Creamy balm

The big plus of this balm (apart from its smell) is that it's multi-purpose ! So I've tested it as a lip balm (with visible results from the first application, I didn't even need to apply it a second time), on my eczema (it relieves itching and works really well on very dry skin) and on my hair (it restores shine and nourishes the hair). But where I use it most is on my hair, and I really approve ! The more I use it, the more I get back my wavy hair, its shine and, above all, soft hair that tangles a lot less.

To apply it to the skin, simply take a small amount on your fingers and apply to the area concerned. For hair, apply it to dry hair before washing. Either take very little and apply it only to your ends, or take more and apply it to all your hair (which is what I do). Leave in for 20-30 mins and wash out ! Depending on the nature of your hair, the balm can be more or less difficult to wash out, in my case I have to shampoo 2 times to remove the "oily" side.

Where can you follow Clémence et Vivien ?

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Clémence et Vivien : organic, vegan cosmetics made in France
Capra Pyrenaica 3 January 2024
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