Endro natural and zero waste cosmetics

Endro sent me two of their best-selling products so that I could test them out and give you a review. I'd already told you about them on Instagram but I wanted to give you a more detailed review here !

Organic, natural and vegan cosmetics

Endro is a French cosmetics brand, made in Brittany. It was born of a desire to offer products that are healthy, effective and above all : without plastic packaging. At the age of 25, the founders of Endro were particularly concerned about plastic pollution around the world, as well as their own health and that of their loved ones, so they decided to say goodbye to plastic and superfluous ingredients in their daily hygiene and cosmetics products by creating their own brand.

What's more, the name "Endro" is a nod to their native Brittany, as it means "environment" / "nature" in Breton. Now almost 4 years old, the brand offers high-quality, 100 % natural cosmetics that are both organic and vegan ! So you can fall in love with their products without worrying about their composition or whether or not they have been tested on animals...

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My opinion of the products tested

1) Anti-imperfection serum

I used it on my blackheads and eczema and saw a real difference after just a few days of use ! My blackheads were drastically reduced and the serum immediately relieved my eczema... Incidentally, it's also recommended for acne (and I've had nothing but positive feedback on the subject !). I recommend it with my eyes closed.

Buy here : www.endro-cosmetiques.com/collections/serums-visage-naturels-et-certifies-bio/products/serum-anti-imperfections-bio

​2) Solid deodorant

You apply it using a wooden spatula and / or your fingers. At first, I had trouble understanding how to apply it properly without dropping it or irritating myself, but in reality, it's really very practical ! It's ideal for sensitive underarms (even if you apply it directly with the spatula, it won't hurt) and I didn't feel the sweat at all, even when I was doing sport !

Buy here : www.endro-cosmetiques.com/collections/deodorants-baumes-naturels/products/deodorant-baume-naturel-noix-de-coco

Where can I follow Endro ?

Their Facebook page : www.facebook.com/endrocosmetiques

Their Instagram account : www.instagram.com/endro_cosmetiques


Endro natural and zero waste cosmetics
Capra Pyrenaica 3 January 2024
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