Repeat period underwear

I had the honour of testing a pack of period underwear from Repeat, and after two menstrual cycles I'm giving you my honest opinion in this article. No fuss, the real terms will be used : let's break the taboos about periods, which are 100% natural and in no way repulsive !

When rules are reconciled with ecology

Repeat is a committed brand of period underwear, offering an ecological, healthy and affordable alternative to disposable sanitary protection. When you buy your period underwear, you have peace of mind for several years, unlike a pack of sanitary towels that you have to buy again and again. They are fighting against menstrual insecurity, which is a huge scourge for all menstruating women, by offering high-quality menstrual pants at a fair price that is in no way exaggerated. Repeat underwear lasts for around 5 years. All you have to do is wash your protection, wait for it to dry and... repeat the operation !

No more stress about a stain on your beautiful white trousers, or a restless night thinking you'd have to wash your sheets the next day because of a leak : Repeat period underwear are the equivalent of 4 tampons, and all without the risk of toxic shock if you wear them for several hours (although the risk is always present, and it's important to change your period underwear and wash them well to avoid the proliferation of bacteria) ! They replace all menstrual protection : cups, pads, tampons... without the health drawbacks such as chemicals, environmental impact or toxic shock as mentioned above.

Repeat delivers worldwide to ensure that everyone has access to washable protection worthy of the name. We all deserve to be in harmony with our bodies and the planet during our periods : Repeat understands this and is working hard to achieve it ! Above all, it's a social movement with values, fighting for democratised access to menstrual protection. Their efforts enable them to offer period underwear at up to 3 times less than the market price ! What's more, all orders are processed and dispatched from the Paris region, and all sanitary conditions are respected.

My opinion on Repeat period underwear

For me, it seemed essential to switch to washable menstrual protection, both for my body and for the planet : 45 billion tampons and sanitary towels are thrown away every year in the world, and they take more than 500 years to decompose (like a plastic bottle)... whereas washable protection can be kept for several years (between 3 and 5 years depending on the brand). It's a truly ecological alternative, which not only makes menstruation much easier, but also drastically reduces its environmental impact. As far as health is concerned, the risk of toxic shock is much lower. It's important to wash your protection well and not to wear it for too long (12 hours maximum), but with good care you'll have virtually no risk ! Unlike tampons and sanitary towels, there are no chemicals (but be careful to choose the right brand of protection to avoid poor quality dyes).

So I decided to switch to period underwear and washable pads, which I keep in my handbag and hiker's pack "just in case" my period comes at an inconvenient time. I tested a first brand, which turned out to be dropshipping, and I wasn't at all satisfied with the absorbency : I had to change it twice a day to avoid leaks. When I tested the Repeat period underwear, I was afraid that the problem would be the same... as my flow is quite heavy, it's difficult for me to find protection that's up to the job. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had absolutely no leaks when I wore them for a whole day on the first day of my cycle ! Whenever possible, I change them mid-day for greater comfort, but I don't have to as I did with my old panties. I definitely intend to replace my old ones with this brand. They're so much more comfortable and absorbent !

When I told you about it on Instagram, a number of questions came up, so I'm going to answer them one by one :

"Did the period underwear give you a 'nappy' effect when worn ?"

No, absolutely not. You feel like you're wearing normal knickers, I felt absolutely no difference apart from the fact that they're more comfortable than some of my lambada knickers...

"Do you feel wet all day ?"

No, and that's the main reason why I definitely approve of these period underwear. Sometimes you feel wet while the panties absorb your flow when it is very abundant, but it's a matter of minutes BIG MAXIMUM ! You completely forget your period, and strangely enough I've had far fewer symptoms since I switched to period underwear (which goes to show that the mind plays a big part).

"Can you see your knickers through a piece of clothing ?"

Yes and no. The knickers are really slim, and don't show at all with slim trousers. However, with leggings, the demarcation can be seen, but in the end it's just like normal knickers.

"How many panties do you need to make sure you don't run out ?"

Honestly, it all depends on the length of your cycle. I think the minimum is 6, and the ideal is 9 : if your panties don't dry quickly, you're sure not to run out ! Don't hesitate to buy washable pads to make sure you always have some protection under your elbow.

"Do you have a promo code ?"

Yes, I can offer you free delivery with the code: REPEATWITHME ! You can also get 10% off your first order by signing up to their newsletter.

Where can you follow Repeat ?

Their Facebook page :

Their Instagram account:

Repeat period underwear
Capra Pyrenaica 3 January 2024
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