The Lamazuna zero waste duo

Lamazuna, a brand of zero-waste products made in France, sent me two face products so that I could test them and give you some feedback : I've used them every day since I received them so that I can give you as full an opinion as possible !

The perfect duo for zero-waste skincare​

I'm delighted to be working with Lamazuna ! I didn't know much about this brand, having only tried the solid toothpaste, a conditioner and Arnaud's shaving bar. So I was able to try out the hisbicus solid face wash for dry and sensitive skin, as well as the solid make-up remover with jojoba and grapeseed oil. Everything is handmade in France, Slow Cosmetics certified and vegan.​

When I first opened the face wash, I fell in love with its particularly cute little cloud shape ! It has a very sweet smell, which doesn't catch your nose like some industrial products. The colour is really beautiful too, not flashy and the ingredients are really clean. However, it is not recommended for children under the age of 3.​

The first time I used the make-up remover, I was taken aback by its particularly soft texture. No fragrance is added and the composition is clean : 100 % of the ingredients are of natural origin. As well as being vegan and Slow Cosmetics qualified, the solid make-up remover has 57.8 % of its total ingredients from organic farming. Like the cleanser, it is not recommended for children under 3.​

My opinion of the products tested​

1. Solid make-up remover

This make-up remover is not just pleasant to the touch, it's particularly gentle on the skin ! Coupled with washable microfibre wipes, make-up removal is very gentle. I already had a solid make-up remover, which I found quite difficult to melt and which wasn't really gentle. As I have fragile skin, I found make-up removal a real pain. But Lamazuna changed my life : today I no longer see this part of the day as a nuisance, but on the contrary as soothing.​

It removes make-up really well ! I've always struggled to find make-up removers that remove eyeliner and mascara properly (especially from long lashes), but I've been won over by the Lamazuna one, which doesn't require you to "work" on your lashes for several minutes to hope to remove all the residue left between them... I also use washable wipes from a designer in the Pyrénées-Orientales, south of France : Les Créations By Laeti.​

To apply, all you have to do is quickly moisten the make-up remover with lukewarm water (be careful not to leave it on for too long, as it melts very quickly, which is practical because you don't waste time or use too much water) and rub it onto a washable wipe that has been moistened beforehand. It couldn't be simpler, and with its melting texture, application is really quick and easy !​

It rinses off easily, both on the skin and on the wipe ! My old washable make-up remover left a "greasy" film, which made it difficult to wash off my wipe. Here, a little soap and water does the trick: no trace of make-up remains, and no greasy film ! I then took the opportunity to cleanse my face with the solid face cleanser that Lamazuna also sent me...​

2. Solid face wash

To cleanse my skin, I alternated between Marseille soap (especially when I wore masks every day to avoid pimples, which was my real black spot) and a solid cleanser from another brand that worked very well for me, except when I had eczema, when it didn't improve my condition... Lamazuna sent me a special cleanser for dry and sensitive skin, and it really helps me with my skin problems! It doesn't irritate, on the contrary it soothes when my skin is tight.​

Lamazuna recommends applying it directly to damp skin : I've tried it but I don't find it "pleasant", so I lather it on my konjac sponge and it works just as well ! Cleansing is gentle from start to finish. In fact, konjac sponges are preferable to washable gloves (unless they're microfibre) for extra gentleness : it massages deeply without irritating, especially when used with a Lamazuna solid cleanser !​

Many solid facial cleansers are difficult to rinse off : that was the case with my old one, but not with this one ! I simply wipe my skin with a wet konjac sponge and that's more than enough. As it doesn't lather up very much either, it's very quick and easy to apply and rinse off.​

Although my skin isn't dirty enough for it to be noticeable, after a whole day on the streets of Perpignan (south of France), I've noticed that my skin is "pollution-free". I find this cleanser really good (as well as having a shape that's way too cute), especially if you have very sensitive skin like mine !​

Where can you follow Lamazuna?​

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The Lamazuna zero waste duo
Capra Pyrenaica 3 January 2024
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