Discover Montpellier : a tour of the city's emblematic sites

Dive into the heart of Montpellier, an enchanting city where history meets modernity. Embark on a captivating journey through the picturesque streets, lively squares and hidden treasures that make Montpellier such a unique destination. Montpellier awaits you, ready to reveal its most precious secrets. Follow us on this immersive adventure !

The Place de la Comédie​

The Place de la Comédie is the ideal starting point for exploring the city ! Dominated by two unmissable icons, the Opéra Comédie, an Italian-style theatre built in 1888, and the statue of the Three Graces overlooking a majestic fountain, this square stands out as one of the largest pedestrian precincts in Europe. Prepare to be immersed in a setting where history and artistic beauty meet in harmony.

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The Babote Tower​

The Babote Tower stands proudly as an imposing vestige of the ancient 12th-century fortifications that surrounded the escutcheon of Montpellier, also known as the Commune Clôture. Listed as a historic monument since 1927, the tower offers a unique view of the city and its surroundings, taking in must-see sights such as the Arc de Triomphe, Saint-Pierre Cathedral and the dazzling Arbre Blanc.

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The Charles de Gaulle Esplanade​

A shady promenade in the heart of the city centre.​

This promenade offers magnificent views over the city of Montpellier and its general atmosphere is one of enviable tranquillity, making it the perfect place for a relaxing break. The colourful statues near the Corum particularly caught my eye, adding a captivating artistic touch to the whole. There are plenty of benches dotted around the park, inviting you to sit and watch the Jackdaws or the Ring-necked Parakeets in the branches of the plane trees. Enjoy this moment of calm and wonder in the heart of Montpellier.

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The Arc de Triomphe​

Less imposing than its Parisian counterpart, the Arc de Triomphe in Montpellier is nonetheless exceptionally beautiful. Designed by the architect François D'Orbay, this arch was erected in 1692 on the site of a former gate in the rampart. It offers an unmissable view as you enter Montpellier from the Parc du Peyrou, adding a historic and architectural dimension to your entry into the city. The finesse of its design and its strategic location make it a charismatic part of Montpellier's heritage.

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The Place Royale du Peyrou​

Following on from the Arc de Triomphe is the Promenade du Peyrou, a royal square and lookout point opening out onto infinite horizons. Adorned with an equestrian statue of Louis XIV, this esplanade is an elegant testimony to history. It is also home to the Château d'Eau, an 18th-century architectural design. The Arc de Triomphe and the Château d'Eau, extended by the Arceaux aqueduct, are superb examples of classical architecture.

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The plant garden​

A peaceful space in the heart of the city, the Jardin des Plantes is perfect for a stroll with the family or a romantic get-together ! In 2022, it was awarded the "Remarkable Garden" label for a period of 5 years. The label is awarded to public or private gardens of cultural, aesthetic, historical or botanical interest.

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The Saint-Clément Aqueduct (known as the Arceaux)​

This aqueduct was inspired by the Pont du Gard.​

The Saint-Clément aqueduct, better known as the Arceaux aqueduct, was built in the 18th century to supply Montpellier with water. Stretching over a distance of 14 km, it links the Saint-Clément spring to the water tower on the Promenade du Peyrou. On Tuesday and Saturday mornings, a lively market is held at the foot of this historic aqueduct.

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Discover Montpellier : a tour of the city's emblematic sites
Capra Pyrenaica 2 January 2024
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