Peacefood Café : a small vegan restaurant in the heart of Montpellier

Discover this charming little vegan restaurant, where everything is homemade. Discover it in Montpellier city centre !

Vegan and homemade dishes

Right in the heart of Montpellier, Peacefood Café is a restaurant-café with a charm like no other. It's a very small space, where you can immerse yourself directly with the friendly manager. The menu is as unusual as the restaurant itself, offering 3 types of vegan burger (with a choice of oven fries or soup), an exotic platter (which changes regularly depending on the season) and various desserts such as cheesecake, tiramisu, brownie and cookie. For drinks, you can choose from coffee, tea, latté, chocolate or calpico.

Everything is vegan, and the dishes are created in the back room. The difference can be felt with the ready-made frozen burgers. The burgers are so generous that we ate them with... cutlery! It's very well placed for a trip to Montpellier. You won't be far from Montpellier Cathedral and the Jardin des Plantes!

Where can you find Peacefood Café ?

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Peacefood Café : a small vegan restaurant in the heart of Montpellier
Capra Pyrenaica 3 January 2024
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