5 good reasons to visit Pals

A charming little Catalan village, where I loved wandering through its medieval streets... Joseph Pla once said : "Pals deserves not one visit, but a hundred, because its location offers the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful and unforgettable landscapes in the country". So, are you coming to discover Pals ? Don't worry, I've got 5 good reasons to make you want to take the plunge !

1) It is a picturesque village

Pals was once a walled medieval village.

With its medieval architecture and geographical location, Pals is one of the most picturesque villages on the Costa Brava! If you love villages with old-world charm, you'll love Pals.

2) It is located near the sea

The Mediterranean Sea is bathed in sublime light at sunset.

The historic centre is just a few kilometres from the sea. But the municipality stretches all the way to the Mediterranean! If you're looking for a summer stroll, between the beach and village visits, then Pals is the place for you.

3) Pals can be visited all year round

The streets in the centre of Pals are cobbled.

Like any southern village, Pals can be visited in all seasons. In summer for lazing on the beach, in spring and autumn for hiking and in winter to discover this magnificent place without the crowds of tourists!

4) It is a village steeped in history

The Tower of Hours overlooks the village.

Old charm means... a whole history to go with it ! In particular, you'll be able to discover the Tower of the Hours, built between the 11th and 13th centuries. It was the town's bell tower, and is still the symbol of Pals today.

5) Pals rhymes with... gastronomy !

Pals comes from the Latin palus meaning "marshy place"..

Renowned for its rice crops, Pals - like many other Spanish villages - is also visited for its gastronomy, which will delight your taste buds. Are you a wine lover ? You'll find what you're looking for when you visit Pals.

Where can you find Pals ?

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5 good reasons to visit Pals
Capra Pyrenaica 2 January 2024
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