Want to visit Peratallada ?

Peratallada, a renowned medieval town in the province of Girona, is a charming Catalan village nestling in the heart of the Empordà, just a few kilometres from the popular beaches of the Costa Brava. Thanks to its privileged location, Peratallada enjoys a mild climate that invites you to visit all year round. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit !

1) This medieval village is famous for its cobbled streets.

Peratallada is one of the most important medieval architectural sites in Catalonia. It's a village of great beauty and well worth a visit! Thanks to its small size, you can enjoy your visit for half a day and then set off afterwards to discover the surrounding area, such as Pals (read the article here), Castelló d'Empuries (read the articl here) or the Sierra de Montgrí.

2) Peratallada is just a stone's throw from the Costa Brava and the Mediterranean.

The Costa Brava is famous for its heavenly beaches and exceptional coves. Peratallada is just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean, and therefore from the Costa Brava. Make the most of your stay by visiting picturesque villages, strolling along the beach, sampling local dishes and why not try your hand at a variety of hikes !

3) It's halfway between Barcelona and France

Peratallada's geographical location makes it an ideal stop-off point on your way to Catalonia, particularly Barcelona. If you're from the Pyrénées-Orientales, make the most of a weekend close to home with a change of scenery! The Empordà is an ideal destination for a roadtrip for lovers, friends, family or even on your own...

4) It is a village rich in historical and cultural heritage

Peratallada boasts a heritage of great beauty, including its castle, the Sant-Esteve church and the Tres Cantos dolmens. All you have to do to appreciate the historical and cultural charm of this village is stroll along its cobbled streets, criss-crossed by houses that are mostly still made of stone. In the off-season, you'll enjoy the peace and quiet and the particularly pleasant temperature outside the summer heat...

5) It's a gastronomic village

Anyone who has ever been to Peratallada will have noticed just how many restaurants there are in the village! Generally speaking, the Empordà, and indeed Catalonia as a whole, is renowned for its culinary culture. If you're a vegetarian - like me - don't worry! Many Catalan dishes contain no meat or fish.

Where can you find Peratallada ?

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Want to visit Peratallada ?
Capra Pyrenaica 2 January 2024
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