The Penyes Altes de Moixeró and the Moixeró peak

The Serra de Moixeró, in the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, is a great place to go hiking. The scenery is sublime and the views over Catalonia are breathtaking. Here's the itinerary of the most beautiful hike I've ever done in this massif !

Hiking guide​

  • Difficulty : medium with some difficult sections​
  • Total distance : 13 km​ / 8,08 miles
  • 750 m / 2460,63 feet ascent (positive and negative)​
  • Approximately 5h30 walking time​

The walk begins at this GPS point: 42.3095315, 1.7972004. Please note ! The access track is not accessible to all vehicles, so you'll need a high-clearance car or even a 4x4 (a Duster 4x2 is no problem, for example). The walk begins with the ascent to Coll de Traps : the start is very easy, as we walk on a track through the forest. The climb up to Coll de Dental is a little steeper, but the path is very pleasant. We leave it behind to take in some incredible scenery and a view that opens up more and more until we reach Coll de Dental. At this pass, you'll have a breathtaking view of the Sierra del Cadí...​

The hike continues as far as Penyes Altes de Moixeró, passing beneath the Moixeró peak on the way back. The path is flat until you reach the foothills of the peak, but as soon as you start to climb, the difficulty becomes apparent. If you suffer from vertigo, forget it altogether, as there are some rocky passages with the void not far away. You'll have to use your hands on various rocky areas, right up to the last moment when you have to climb a small cliff. Ropes are available to help you, but you really need to be comfortable as these are not easy passages. This is a difficult peak, but you can just as easily do the ridges without necessarily doing this summit.​

The return journey is via the same spot, and therefore the same difficult sections. On the way back, we followed the ridges to begin the ascent of the Moixeró peak, which is very easy. There isn't really a defined path, except towards the end, but as there are very few trees, you won't get lost. On the way back, we simply continued to follow the ridges as far as Coll de Dental before taking the same path as on the outward journey. So it was a short loop, especially for the Moixeró peak. You can also do this peak alone, if you don't think you can do the Peynes Altes : don't take any unnecessary risks and there's no point in stressing yourself too much (especially as if you start, you'll have to come back down).​

This hike was a real favorite. The view from Coll de Dental is absolutely incredible, and it's not a popular spot for Sunday hikers (at least when we went there), so it's very clean, very quiet and not very busy. I'd advise you to go in May / early June to avoid the snow and thunderstorms. You should still go early in the morning, even if there is less risk of thunderstorms, as this is an area where they develop quite quickly. You'll need good hiking boots (don't go in trainers or tennis shoes, you'll risk falling off), especially if you're doing the Penyes Altes. And don't forget your sun cream, as UV rays are very strong in the mountains !

Trail (visible in red).​
The Penyes Altes de Moixeró and the Moixeró peak
Capra Pyrenaica 2 January 2024
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